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Investing in your leaders through coaching and programs that provide real-life experiential activities, mindfulness practices that require “being” not “doing”, and a relational approach to learning can lead tofor your organization.

Strong leadership is the key to success in any organization. Investing in your leaders through our leadership development programs and coaching services offers quantifiable benefits. Our philosophy encourages discovery through real-life scenarios, experiential participation, mindfulness practices, and a relational approach resulting in personal and professional transformation.

Using assessments and various learning methods, we work with individuals and organizations to develop talent and unleash human potential. We believe we all have clear, distinguishable strengths, and we tap into assessments, coaching and other leadership development strategies to release the power each of us harnesses. Ultimately, our leadership development programs promote higher levels of performance and drive improved business and personal outcomes.

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The single biggest way to impact an organization
is to focus on leadership development.
~ John C. Maxwell



    Assessments are invaluable for enhancing awareness and helping leaders in their development. We use assessments in a variety of ways to support individual awareness and growth. The tools we bring into various leadership development efforts include:

    Personality and values assessments that also measure reputation, motivators and career derailers

    360 degree assessments used to gain confidential feedback from others about a leader’s strengths and skill gaps

    Our proprietary Leadership Competency Assessment (LCA) measures emotional intelligence (EI) and leadership performance indicators



    Coaching is highly progressive and is a pivotal strategy in achieving breakthrough outcomes. Through individual and group coaching, we help transform individuals to support organizational success.

    An executive coaching relationship is an experiential and individualized process that builds the leader’s ability to realize goals and be more effective day to day. Based on mutual trust and respect, the organization, the executive, and the coach, partner to achieve maximum impact. We will design a personalized coaching program to meet your leaders’ needs.

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    Signature Programs

    Our signature programs are crafted to facilitate transformational learning and integration over time (typically six to twelve months). Through our research-based models and experiential delivery, leaders will deepen their self-awareness and discover their unique leadership styles. Participants will experience growth in key leadership competencies as measured by improvements in their emotional intelligence assessment results. Learn more about our signature programs for your leadership development needs.

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