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Medium – Be Authentic and Release Your Ego

As a leader, giving feedback can be the most impactful part of your role. Ensuring that what you say is compassionate, yet direct; empathetic, yet behavior changing can be challenging. Our article on giving feedback offer leadership techniques to ensure success.

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CEO World – Growth Mindsets

Growth mindset is more than just optimism. It’s about embracing learning, growing from failure, and coming out the other side of difficult circumstances with a new openness to growth.

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SHRM – Narcissism and Managers

The Damage Done: Dealing with Narcissism in the Workplace. Narcissistic leaders are toxic on the workplace. They can be detrimental to positive company culture and employee engagement. Watch for these red flags to identify narcissists in the workplace and manage these behaviors in order to support healthy organizational cultures.

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Thrive Global – You Are Not Alone

Imposter syndrome impacts all of us at some point in our lives and careers. In this article, Gail shares tips to battle the feelings of inadequacy and isolation in your work.

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