Organizational Development

Organizational Development



Organizational Development

is yourcompetitive advantage

Organizations must adapt to environmental changes to enhance their long-term health and performance. Our work in the organizational development space supports a systemic approach to enhance capacity for change and achieve greater effectiveness through development of high-potential individuals and high-performance teams.

Specifically, we specialize our organizational development work in the areas of change management, conflict solutions and team development.

Using various assessment tools and methodologies, we work with you to co-create and customize organizational development solutions to address

your most significant challenges. We measure the results of our interventions in various ways to assess progress and improvements, as well as to support a long term return on investment.

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Don’t push growth; remove the factors limiting growth.
~ Peter Senge


Change & Transition

In 2020, Harvard Business Review reported that 70% of all change initiatives fail and 75% are not able to deliver the desired results. While most organizations know that leading change and transition is a critical component of effective organizations and leaders, they are unable to effectively implement both the technical and human (acceptance) elements of change.

We support your change management initiatives by assisting leaders in strategically designing, implementing, and managing change and transition efforts. We introduce and apply change and transition models and tools to ensure sustainability of transformations.

Team Development

Work gets done through teams, and creating teams that function and perform well requires conscious effort and specific development strategies. We partner with you to build high-performance teams and to identify emerging team development opportunities. We’ll help your leaders understand the characteristics of high-performance teams, assess their current team dynamics, then create customized approaches and interventions to bridge the gap.

Our team development solutions focus on building trust, accountability, and commitment to ensure deepened relationships and the ability to deliver results.



Conflict Solutions

When individuals and teams come together with independent perspectives and ideas, conflict is common. However, conflict can become a barrier to building relationships and making progress toward team goals.

We partner with your team and team members to help them understand the types of conflict and the impact of conflict—both positive and negative—on team dynamics. We then facilitate increased awareness of each person’s conflict style, as well as, improved engagement, communication, and team strategies to guide them toward healthy conflict solutions.


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Achieving Racial Equality

Achieving Racial Equality



Achieving Racial Equality

Establishing Anti-racism Initiatives

As society continues to struggle with racial unrest, organizations have the ability—and the responsibility— to actively address racial inequality for both their employees and their stakeholders. Through carefully crafted racial equity initiatives, organizations can improve employee engagement, customer relations and their bottom line. In fact, your organization’s success is intimately connected to an increasingly diverse society as well as diverse organizational leadership.

With a wealth of experience in organizational effectiveness and personal experience with racial encounters in the workforce, Drs. Peter A. James and Laurie K. Cure, offer unique wisdom and depth to assess your organizational needs, and partner with you to create the corporate environment you desire.

Organizations should ask themselves:

  • What might this type of behavior cost your company?
  • What are your diverse employees experiencing that you are unaware of?
  • Are your leaders asking the right questions?
  • Might your leaders be saying the wrong thing to diverse employees?
  • Does your leadership diversely reflect your employees and/or customers?
  • Is there a noticeable gender and ethnic compensation gap in your company?

Are you ready to create a more inclusive and equitable culture? Contact us today! We will partner with you to create a solution that works for your organization.

Dr. Peter A. James

Dr. James is a certified and credentialed business and leadership coach who focuses on helping executives and businesses transform from average to high performing. With a doctorate in organization and leadership and a master’s in business administration, Peter is able to help address the corporate landscape and all of its roadblocks, hurdles, and obstacles. With published articles on leadership, emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, and organizational performance, his training, facilitation, and coaching propel executives and leaders to greater heights via shifting one’s mindset and improved collaboration. Through high-performance coaching, clients are not only able to deepen their learning, but also to heighten their performance, enhance their quality of life, and realize their full potential. He believes that all individuals (regardless of demographics) are capable of developing and improving their intellectual, emotional, and creative capacities. However, partnering with a solid coach allows one to achieve beyond what they thought was possible.

Dr. Laurie K. Cure

Dr. Cure is the CEO for Innovative Connections and holds a Doctorate in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration. An expert in enhancing organizational effectiveness, she brings more than 25 years of experience in strategic planning, organizational change, executive coaching and leadership development, Laurie is passionate about developing organizational cultures that align to changing environments and support racial and ethic equality and enhanced cultural competency. She is the best selling author of “Leading Without Fear: The Fine Line between Fear and Accountability” and is a recognized resource for guiding leaders and teams to success by promoting healthy leadership behaviors. With her unique ability to build deep and trusting relationships, she is able to help clients achieve amazing results for themselves and their organizations.

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Team Development

Team Development



Team Development

Improved team dynamics = Improved performance

Creating a framework that enables a group of interdependent individuals with different skills and personalities to collaborate effectively can be challenging.

A team assessment can help identify team dynamics that work, and those that do not. These dynamics can include trust, team collaboration, goal setting, communication, and more. Once you have identified areas for improvement, we will work with you to develop strategies that will address these issues and result in the most positive impact for your team.

Additionally, by choosing to complete both a pre- and a post-assessment, you can see a true picture of where you started, how much your team has grown, and where you can direct future efforts.

High performing teams

  • Understand the variables that make a team strong
  • Form and implement strategies that increase trust
  • Help teams engage in productive, respectful conflict
  • Increase employee engagement, accountability, and commitment
  • Improve team dynamics to drive business results

Team assessment & strategy formulation

  • Learn the stages of team development and how they work for your team
  • Take a pre- and post-assessment to determine the development stage of your team
  • Identify areas of strength and those needing improvement
  • Understand your team dynamics to help you work more effectively as a team
  • Formulate strategies to enhance your team’s relationships and performance

If your team is

  • Struggling with conflict between team members

  • Is newly formed or has several new members

  • Needs to move in a new direction

  • Is not performing or getting the results you desire

  • Has experienced change

Focusing on your team dynamics can be a critical step to improve team function and performance.


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Toolkit and Resources

Toolkit and Resources



Toolkit and Resources

Innovative Connections is committed to the philosophy of creating wisdom by sharing knowledge. We believe that expanding our collective impact requires that we support one another and build resources that enable creative development both personally and within our organizations.

We have developed a toolkit with a variety of templates and resources (some of which you will find below); we encourage you to download and use them to support your work.

While most of these documents are copyrighted, we want to make them available for you to review and use in your work. We just ask that you cite Innovative Connections, Inc., (or the other appropriate owner) as a source.




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