What Clients Are Saying

They tell us what we need to hear

Innovative Connections is our “go to” when we need external help–whether it be team building, patient experience training, leadership development, or executive coaching. They have become part of the RGH family over the years. We love working with the whole IC team, and we trust them to always steer us in the right direction! They don’t tell us what we want to hear, but they are straight shooters who tell us what we need to hear to keep us moving forward in this ever-changing healthcare industry!”

Kaye Green, FACHECEO,Roosevelt General HospitalPortales, NM

Quantifiable benefits

Our partnership with IC has resulted in quantifiable benefits. Their programs supported growth in leadership and had an impact on the Emotional Intelligence of our leaders. Through diligently talent mapping, we have elevated and promoted successful leaders from within as a direct result of our partnership and the organizational development interventions we put into place.

Dr. Julie Firman, DPN, RN, FACHE

Executive Nursing Leader

Immediate and impactful emergency management

We engaged with Innovative Connections (IC) on Friday, March 13, 2020 in response to the imminent national and local COVID-19 restrictions and impacts which had quickly evolved and were being implemented that week. IC responded immediately to identify our key organizational leaders, gain an intimate understanding of our operations, to organize a meeting on Sunday, March 15, and implement an emergency management team to prepare for and meet the foreseeable changes to our veterinary health services and practices. Thanks to their thorough, quick, effective facilitation, and their understanding and insights, we were able to define the primary impacts to our staff, students and clientele; and to successfully implement adjustments to meet all needs within the fast and frequently changing requirements as they continued to assist us through the subsequent weeks (over three months in total). IC’s involvement literally proved invaluable, and we were truly fortunate for their expert facilitation and guidance!

Jon Stocking
Senior Director of Operations
College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Invaluable recruitment expertise

Hiring the right candidate requires finding people with impressive experiences and credentialsandbeing able to delve deeper into how this has shaped who they are, and what they bring to the table. Innovative Connections has become my indispensable partner in a selection process. Their expertise in conducting personality assessments provides me with the direction I need to ask the right questions, anticipate how candidates may respond to different and difficult situations, and what their stressors and comfort areas may be. IC’s guidance is a tremendous value; they have helped uncover information that eliminates uncertainties when selecting final candidates. I won’t move forward in the recruitment process without Laurie and her team by my side.

Robert Thorn, MBA, FACHE
Summit Healthcare Strategies, LLC

Thorn Photo-testimonial

Safe venue for open and authentic dialogue

The process Innovative Connections used in their work with us to clearly define our current and desired organizational cultures was very engaging. The process itself provided a safe venue for open and authentic dialogue and thereby, establishing trust with each other. The leadership team deliberated and learned about each other’s genuine perspectives resulting in understanding of both the interpersonal and technical work that needs to be done.

Amy Shin

Practical skills

I work in two completely different environments: one as a teacher and the other as the leader of my clinic. I love the fact that I’ve been able to use the skills I learned during the Conscious Physician program, like Powerful Questions and Situational Leadership, in both settings. I’ve been able to understand more about others and handle situations better. People are noticing the changes in me and are pleasantly surprised!

A Conscious Physician Signature Program Participant


Owning my biases

I can now look at myself from the outside and see how my actions and biases clearly affect my team.

A Conscious Executive Signature Program Participant

Insight, growth, and self-awareness

I feel as if I have grown considerably, both as a person and as a leader during this past year. I have gained valuable insight into myself and others, along with the tools to help me better engage as a more effective leader.

A Conscious Leader Signature Program Participant


You can become the emotionally intelligent,
relational leader you were meant to be!

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