Susan Davis

Susan is a high-performing leader experienced in strategy and relationship design. She has a gift for navigating ambiguous situations and environments. Her career path has enabled her to work with non-profit, healthcare, education, government, and business organizations to improve her community. Susan’s greatest passion is being able to make a difference for people by maximizing their access to the resources they need to be successful. Through her expert coaching and facilitation skills she is able to help others realize their value and become empowered when they learn how large their impact can be when they show up. Whether this is through community outreach, one-on-one communications, reconciliation of internal and external processes, or acting as a liaison between others, Susan has an innate ability to bring groups and teams together, combining cross-siloed efforts to successfully address challenges.


Education/Specialized Training

 • More than 30 years of experience in community affairs and development, volunteer and experience-based services, and entrepreneurial endeavors

• Master’s degree in organization leadership with emphasis in strategic innovation

• Leadership Aurora, Chamber of Commerce



Susan loves to be creative in the kitchen, and enjoys reading, writing, photography, family fun, gardening, and travel. She gravitates toward anything to do with water, especially swimming, kayaking, and waterskiing. She has two grown sons. Susan lived in Colorado for many years, and currently resides in Washington.