Inspiring Leadership Conversations
Inspiring Leadership Conversations

Inspiring Leadership Conversations


Inspiring Leadership Conversations is a collection diverse resources and powerful questions intended to ignite deeper, dynamic conversations. Consider conversations in your meeting rooms, at your kitchen table or at your neighborhood coffee shop. These rich conversations are generated by different perspectives, curiosity, and powerful questions that matter. 

You will receive a collection of 13 booklets containing diverse resources, powerful questions, beautiful artwork, and space to record your thoughts and perspectives. 


Topics include: 

  • Change and Transition
  • Courage
  • Gratitude
  • Hope
  • Humility
  • Humor
  • Innovation
  • People First
  • Perspective and Passion
  • Psychological Safety
  • Purpose
  • Trust
  • Social Justice

Let our Inspiring Leadership Conversations collection will be the conversation starter for your work teams, executive teams and C-suites, boards and community organizations, sports teams, peer groups, friends, and family.

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