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Understanding yourself
– The Hogan Personality Assessment

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Power and Pitfalls in Polarities

It doesn’t have to be this or that; rather, both things can exist and be true at the same time.

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Trust in the Workplace

Whether your team stays or goes may come down to TRUST.

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Reviving Emotional Intelligence Amid the Rise of AI

By Hannah Kaiser There has been a recent meteoric rise of the use of artificial intelligence technology in businesses. Across industries, companies have begun adopting AI use in many and varied processes such as supply chain operations, talent recruitment, and...

Creating Psychological Safety in a World that Promotes Fear

By Laurie Cure, PhD There is a lot to fear in our world. Media headlines scream crisis everywhere and ensure we are aware of all the potential catastrophes that could befall us. We have created cultures and environments where problems are magnified, wounds are...

Amplifying Autonomy in the Workplace

By Hannah Kaiser As the rates of remote work have skyrocketed in the past few years, so has employee autonomy. More and more, employees are choosing how to do their work, when to do it, and where. Organizations are increasingly seeing that they may need to start...

Creating a Feedback-Friendly Culture

By Hannah Kaiser The traditional perspective of feedback views it merely as a way for an organization to guide employees towards achieving business-related goals. In many organizations, feedback may be seen as an unpleasant exercise, where an employee infrequently...

Combating Leavism for a Healthier Workforce

By Hannah Kaiser The concept of leavism is relatively new within work psychology research. It has gained traction in recent years as understanding of what the ‘workplace’ looks like has shifted to include more than just one physical office space. And, although...

Understanding Generational Differences in the Workplace

By Paula Sparks Over the years, there has been an ebb and flow of the conversation around generational expectations in the workplace. I recall that it seemed to be a big deal when Millennials entered the workplace with a plethora of new expectations and how to manage...

Organizational Effectiveness: Managing & Reducing Burnout

By Mystie Johnson-Foote, MD, MBA A colleague and I were recently invited to lead an emotional intelligence discussion as part of an organizational leadership development program for physicians. The group had connected through a few virtual events, but this was the...

Leading Through Ambiguity

By Hannah Kaiser All organizations go through change. A small start-up may make lots of alterations quickly, while other larger companies may take more time to change. But in a technology-driven and globalized world, no business can remain in stasis for long if they...

Active Listening is a Crucial Leadership Skill

By Barb Ward We know that a key characteristic in a healthy organizational culture – and in fact every facet of our lives – is effective communication. And it seems like this comes as second nature to some, while for others it is a process. Knowing just what to say,...

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