Paula Sparks

Paula’s natural curiosity and penchant for asking introspective questions combined with her passion for helping others learn and grow make her an outstanding executive coach and organizational development specialist. Her strong interpersonal communication skills, strategic vision, and ability to embrace diverse ideas and concepts enable her to connect deeply with the individuals, teams, and organizations she works with.

She has extensive experience in teaching, coaching, and traveling internationally, and working with multiple layers of employees globally. Paula is known for asking thought-provoking questions to allow individuals and class participants space and time to reflect internally and strategically.


Experience/Education/Specialized Training

More than 40 years of business experience in the federal government and Fortune 500 organizations

More than 22 years of experience in Organizational Development and human behavior

Strong background in IT, Marketing, and HR functional areas

Certified in multiple psychometrics and NLI brain-based coaching

Developed and taught leadership development training in over 15 countries around the world; as well as setting up training operations on an expat in Pune India

Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences

Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Adult Education and Multicultural Diversity



Paula enjoys bicycling, international and domestic travel, listening to music, and giving back to her community. She lives in Bluffton, South Carolina, and is married to Jimmy.