Laurie K. Cure, PhD


Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Laurie is dedicated to helping clients achieve organizational success by enabling them to discover and release their human potential. She brings a unique ability to build deep and trusting relationships, which enables her to help clients achieve meaningful results.

As an executive coach, she is passionate about personal development and supports others on their journey toward growth. Strategic planning, organizational assessment, change management, leadership and team development, coaching, talent management, restructuring, and culture development are a few of Laurie’s areas of expertise.

Over her career, she has developed a number of signature programs that specialize in building self-awareness and emotional intelligence skills in physicians, C-Suite leaders, executives, and front-line leaders to enable them to achieve success on their chosen career paths. These programs include The Conscious Physician, The Conscious Leader, The Conscious Executive, The Conscious Coach, and Women in Medicine.



More than 20 years of experience helping others on their journey toward excellence.

Published author on the topics of fear in the workplace, emotional intelligence, organizational development, strategy, and coaching. Her articles can be found on LinkedIn at

Recognized expert on the topic of fear in the workplace.

Her book, “Leading Without Fear: The Fine Line between Fear and Accountability” is a recognized resource for guiding leaders and teams to success by promoting healthy leadership behaviors.

Doctorate degree in industrial and organizational psychology

Master of business administration degree

Teaches at the university level and delivers seminars and lectures on topics of organizational psychology and personal development.

Meta Coach for Daniel Goleman Method of Emotional Intelligence



Laurie lives in Colorado with her husband and has two grown children.