Kayla Cure

Kayla has a passion for interacting with and getting to know people from all
around the world. Resulting from her understanding and compassion for
humanity, she has an innate ability to connect on a deeper level and build
dynamic, strong, and lasting relationships. Additionally, her attention to detail
and ability to coordinate multiple details for complex events ensures outstanding
results and fabulous customer service. Kayla’s technical savy makes her an
essential asset to help support people and make a difference behind the scenes.
She believes in life-long learning and enjoys listening to and learning from the
wisdom of others.


Education/Specialized Training

Kayla holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature with a minor in history from
Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.



Kayla loves history, especially ancient greek history/mythology. In her spare time
she enjoys reading and writing young adult fantasy novels. She partakes happily
in anything involving water: swimming, bubble baths, rain, snow. Colorado offers
many opportunities to pursue nature, hiking and the changing of the seasons.
Her greatest aspiration is to change the world, even if just in little ways. She is
passionate about animals, and has two beautiful tabbies she regards as her
“children”. Kayla lives in Colorado with her Fiancé.