Holly LeMaster

For more than 30 years, Holly has served as a consultant, adviser, and coach to professionals and organizations in healthcare, philanthropy, and other arenas.

Holly has a gift for synthesis and connectivity: for observing the parts and understanding what’s required to turn them into a whole—for creating a plan to make it happen. She’s adept at lofty, creative visioning as well as rolling up her sleeves to get things done in a practical way. She believes that mutually beneficial relationships are key, and that people must be seen, valued, inspired, and included if we are to achieve collective success. Holly is committed to helping people and teams learn to discover gifts, find gratitude, and tell stories they like.


Experience and Recognition

From 2001 – 2017, Holly operated her own consulting company, Genuine Enterprises—a vehicle through which she did meaningful work in collaboration with people with whom she shared an affinity.

Holly’s business experience has spanned a wide array over the years as she’s led, facilitated, and collaborated on projects including: culture development, strategic planning, new business development, team-building, life and executive coaching, employee training and education, meeting and group process facilitation, marketing and public relations, website development and content creation, graphic design for collateral and advertising, copy-writing, technical writing and editing, grant writing, educational curriculum development, special events planning, facilities planning, ambulatory services startup and management, accounting system implementation, database analysis and financial forecasting, information systems analysis and implementation, operational audits and process improvement, certificate of need application, physician compensation planning, and project management. 


Education/Specialized Training

Holly describes herself as a “nontraditional lifelong learner,” constantly learning through exploring both internal and outer realms via direct experience and interpersonal relationships.

She is a Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant, trained in the art of ceremony.



Holly loves spending quality time with her friends, family, and young adult son. She is a fountain pen geek who enjoys indie movies, books, live music and theatre, walking outdoors, and meditation.