Hannah Kaiser

Hannah has a passion for people and writing. She especially enjoys the opportunity to apply her skills in writing, her knowledge of IO psychology, and her interest in relationship dynamics to create information and materials that will be helpful for people. She is motivated by the reward of knowing her work can be used to guide businesses to grow and change.

Hannah chose industrial/organizational psychology as her career path because of her exposure to leadership development growing up. She was able to experience what the work looked like as well as its value. More recently, she has found herself drawn to other areas like diversity and inclusion, team development, and organizational climate/culture where she seeks to continually grow her knowledge and experience.


Experience/Education/Specialized Training

Researches and develops content for organizational development programs and custom programs for clients

Unearths and incorporates relevant scientific research into materials

Facilitator and teaching assistant under faculty supervision at Colorado State University

Bachelor’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology, honors student

Minor in Business Administration



Hannah has a passion for literature and enjoys reading and writing in her free time. She also loves traveling and tries to experience new places as much as she can. Being from Colorado, she enjoys being outdoors and is an avid snowboarder.