Carla Hamby

Carla’s passion is supporting the growth and success of all levels of leaders by helping them skillfully navigate their relationships with themselves and others and authentically create more well-being and full expression. She is known for her ability to inspire impactful and sustainable transformation through her core values of whole person learning, honest and productive communication, and deep relationships. In turn, this supports the growth and success of the organizations, systems, and cultures we’re all part of.

Carla has an extensive background in talent management, including executive assessment, 360 feedback, leadership development, succession planning, training and facilitation, and coaching.


Education/Specialized Training

  • More than 19 years of experience coaching and working in the coaching industry, including advising/coaching clients in all levels of leadership from a variety of industries throughout the world.
  • Experience developing content, designing experiential learning programs, and facilitating workshops
  • Master of Science in industrial/organizational psychology
  • Bachelor’s degree in psychology
  • Certified and credentialed in coaching
  • Training in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and multi-dimensional leadership



Carla enjoys putting pen to paper, exploring big cities on foot, baking from-scratch desserts, and experiencing new places — including twice moving abroad. Nature is her happiest place, followed by bookstores and live music events. She is passionate about holistic well-being and is committed to finding practical ways to make it real in her everyday life.