Alisa Bennett

As a skilled educational psychologist and professional educator, Alisa understands the hard work and careful thought it takes to succeed. Throughout her career, she has been focused on making meaningful connections, collaborating with teams and individuals, and supporting others with research-based techniques to help them reach their full potential. She applies the experience and skills she has obtained in her career as an educator and business leader to provide creative problem solving, content and curriculum development, and innovative thinking. She possesses a strong desire to be of service and build meaningful relationships with others.

She enjoys working with colleagues in developing innovative curricula and helping business leaders and individuals reach their full potential. By providing tips, tricks, guidance, coaching, and learning experiences, she and her colleagues learn together through the process.


Experience/Education/Specialized Training

Learned to effectively apply theories of human development to understand individual learning and inform the instructional process.

Examined how people learn in a variety of settings to identify approaches and strategies to make learning more effective.

Developed a deeper understanding of cognition, emotions, and neuroscience.

Alisa’s experience in quality systems, business processes, and division training in an international engineering and technology setting gave her a unique understanding of the challenges facing growing businesses, and how to help professionals adapt to changing needs and goals.

Racial Equity Facilitator, Equity Literacy Institute

Master of Education, Educational Psychology

Bachelor of Arts, Behavioral Sciences, Education



In her spare time, Alisa enjoys spending time with her family, jogging, kickboxing, hiking, live music, theater, and spending time with friends.