Perspective changes everything. A critical aspect of leadership growth is discernment. In any situation, there are a million different ways it can be viewed and reacted to. The perspective we choose can mean the difference between a desirable outcome and a disastrous one.

Perspective shapes how we see, interpret and respond to the world around us and can be the most important way we broaden our understanding and enhance our decision making and relationships. Most importantly, in our work, your entire emotional response to any circumstance can be altered by merely shifting how you look at it.

Our focus this month is PERSPECTIVE. We hope you enjoy the tools and resources available to you through Innovative Connections.

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Research tells us that organizations that promote women to leadership roles are more profitable. Yet globally, the proportion of women in senior management roles grew to only 32% in 2022, and that is the highest number ever recorded. And, although some strides have been made in gender equality in the workplace, women still often face microaggressions and stereotypes that can be difficult to overcome. This adds to the complexities women face when leading at a high level.

Our Women in Medicine program is uniquely designed to facilitate dialog and shared experiences for women leaders in healthcare environments. Through this program, participants will gain new insights, build valuable relationships, and hone the skills necessary to navigate the challenges posed by their organizational culture and the accelerated rate of change in healthcare.

Participants gain clarity and discernment through:

  • Leadership assessments
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Guest speakers
  • Experiential onsite facilitated group sessions

Women in Medicine is designed to meet individual leadership growth and development needs while supporting respective career goals. Our experienced consultants lead this work and weave their experiences with physician and provider leaders into every aspect of learning.

The small cohort of women physician and providers within the organization will engage in this 8-month development program. The small cohort format is intentional to support deep, meaningful mentorship and growth for physician and provider leaders. Participants will:

  • Explore their personal journeys and challenge the mental models that shape them.
  • Expand perspectives and elevate their ability to influence.
  • Enhance relationship awareness with intentional focus on agency and allyship.
  • Increase effectiveness in negotiation, managing conflict, navigating disruption, challenging traditional pathways, shaping culture, and leading change.
  • Enhance their network of support and resources.

Women in Medicine requires participants to show up with courage and vulnerability. Our participants have shared that what they have learned in this program has significantly impacted the professional and personal aspects of their lives.

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Leadership coaching is a familiar technique that many organizations use to build skills in their senior and executive leadership. The intent is to enhance skills such as self-awareness, communication, conflict-resolution, change management, and more. Most often, these engagements last between 6 months to a year and include various assessments and bi-weekly or monthly sessions to build competency over time.

Spot coaching, however, is a little bit different. It generally provides immediate, targeted coaching or feedback in-the-moment. Unlike traditional coaching sessions which are often scheduled in advance and cover broader topics, spot coaching helps address complex situations or behaviors that require a quicker response. It can be particularly effective for addressing immediate challenges, providing timely guidance, and supporting skill development in real-time contexts.

The intent of spot coaching is to offer timely support and direction in various situations, such as to help the individual improve performance, address challenges, or capitalize on opportunities as they arise. Spot coaching can also be used to enhance skills, boost confidence, and facilitate continuous learning and development.

Many organizations are now using spot coaching to reach a wider range of employees to provide support and growth opportunities. In addition to helping employees and teams function better, this benefit has also helped increase engagement and feelings of belonging, in turn, improving employee retention, innovation, and productivity, making it a win-win for employers and employees alike.

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Perspective is one of the most powerful tools through which we relate to and build relationships with others. It allows us to look at the world through an optimistic lens, helping us recover from difficult situations, be grateful in the moment, deepen our relationships, connect with empathy and compassion, and generate willpower and persistance in pursuing our goals. As part of our “Inspiring Conversations” collection, our free downloadable booklet on PERSPECTIVE provides insights and powerful questions to ignite deep, meaningful conversations intended to propel your growth as an individual, leader, and/or leadership team. DOWNLOAD PERSPECTIVE CONVERSATIONS




The Value of Spot Coaching as a Tool for Just-In-Time Development
4.1 Million Americans Reach Retirment Age in 2024. Are You Ready?







Diversity in the workplace offers many benefits, including:

  • A 32% increase in productivity
  • 68.3% improved retention
  • Better decisions 87% of the time




Our organizational effectiveness consultants have helped clients from diverse industries work through tough challenges and walk the path to greater personal and organizational success.

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We believe every voice holds value and everyone should be empowered to bring their full and authentic self to work. We celebrate diversity and feel a deep responsibility to move organizations from good intentions to meaningful action around equity and inclusion. We approach this work with intentional awareness, curiosity, and respect. As consultants and coaches, we recognize our ability to influence individual behavior and organizational culture, and we aim to always create safe and inclusive environments that encourage our clients to learn, grow, connect, and innovate.


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