By Barb Ward

Leaders who are trying to stay on the cutting edge of innovation know that it takes more than just a team… it takes a high-performing team to stay at the front of the pack. And, customizing and cultivating a high-performing team can be even more challenging, especially in today’s ever chaotic, changing environment. However, organizations who invest in building and nurturing high performance teams have a distinct advantage. In fact, research shows that on average, teams make better decisions than individuals 75% of the time, which can impact all areas of your organization from customer service to operational profitability.

It turns out that being part of a high performing team is not only good for the organization’s bottom line – being part of a high-performing team also increases employee engagement, connectedness, creativity, innovation, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. If that’s not enough to convince you, consider these statistics:

So, where does one start to customize their workforce to create a high-performing team? Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Set clear goals and objectives: Ensure that team members understand the purpose and desired outcomes of their work. 
  2. Assess your team: Evaluate the skills, expertise, and experience your current team offers and identify any gaps.
  3. Ensure diversity: Teams with diverse backgrounds, skills and perspectives promote creativity, innovation, and different problem-solving approaches. 
  4. Define roles and responsibilities: Ensure that expectations are clear and that everyone understands their individual contributions to the team’s overall success.
  5. Establish open and transparent communication within the team. Encourage active listening, constructive feedback, and the sharing of ideas and information. 
  6. Encourage psychological safety and collaboration: Create an environment where team members feel safe to express their opinions, take risks, and share their ideas without fear of judgment or reprisal. 
  7. Provide support: Ensure the team has the necessary resources, tools, and support to carry out their work effectively. Address any barriers or challenges that may hinder the team’s progress.
  8. Provide opportunities for professional growth and skill development: This will fill skill gaps and motivate and empower your team.
  9. Foster a positive team culture: Cultivate a positive and inclusive team culture that values respect, recognition, and support. Celebrate achievements, encourage a healthy work-life balance, and provide opportunities for team bonding and social interaction.
  10. Monitor progress and provide feedback: Regularly assess the team’s progress towards its goals and provide constructive feedback to team members. 
  11. Learn and adapt: Keep a pulse on the team’s dynamics, challenges, and achievements. Adapt strategies and approaches based on feedback, changing circumstances, and the evolving needs of the team and the organization. 

As you delve into this process, remember, customizing your high-performing team is an ongoing process that requires your active and attentive leadership. By providing a supportive environment, promoting collaboration, and investing in the growth and development of team members, you can ultimately build a team that consistently delivers exceptional outcomes for your organization. 

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