By Barb Ward

If life over the past few years hasn’t caused you enough stress and chaos, the month of May is now upon you. This month is one of those where the most common statement seems to be, “Wow, I am so busy, I just don’t have time to think!” This is so true, with the weather getting nicer yardwork starts up, you’ve got flowers to plant, weeds to pull, graduation ceremonies to attend, and, if you have kids in school activities and sports, literally EVERYTHING happens in May! All of your leadership development training tells you it’s imperative that you take time for yourself. However, YOU. JUST. DON’T. HAVE. TIME.

But honestly if you keep waiting until things slow down to be mindful and take a moment out to recharge, you will be waiting forever. Sometimes, just using elements of inner speak can help you transform that 15-minute wait in the doctor’s office or your commute home into a rejuvenating break instead of a stressful, watching the clock, getting frustrated moment.

Being mindful means being truly present in the moment and intentionally sensing, hearing, and feeling what is going on around you without judgement. It can help you relax your mind and refocus your energy. Here are some ways to use these natural breaks in activity to your benefit.

Mindfulness techniques:

Take a deep breath, relax your body and just be in the moment. Slowly exhale and release any nervous energy. Imagine all of your worries being encircled by a big balloon and carried off into the sky. Practice just being present in what is going on around you. Settle your mind and focus on your breathing.

Focus on what you can see:

  •       People walking
  •       A pretty sunset
  •       Dogs playing in the yard

Focus on what you can hear:

  •       A clock ticking
  •       Voices talking
  •       Music playing
  •       A phone ringing

Focus on what you can feel:

  •       The warm sun on your face
  •       A cool breeze
  •       Physical sensations in your body
  •       The phone in your hand

The more you practice these techniques, the more quickly you will be able to coax your body into a relaxed state which, in turn, offers many health benefits. In fact, evidence shows that mindfulness can:

  •       Reduce stress and anxiety
  •       Combat burnout
  •       Help regulate emotions
  •       Increase focus and memory
  •       Improve physical health

With all of the evidence supporting the health benefits of mindfulness, isn’t it time you stop making excuses and take a moment out to focus your mind and rejuvenate your body? If you’d like a free consult to talk about how professional coaching services or leadership development training can help you build your self-awareness and mindfulness skills, please contact us at