By Barb Ward 


What would the world look like if we all took the advice to put other people first? Your co-workers, your family, your friends? Focusing on others before yourself puts you into a different mindset, allows you to be more flexible, and creates opportunities both personally and professionally.


Personally, putting others first allows you to develop deep, meaningful relationships. These relationships are characterized by true caring behavior, encouragement, and support when we need it, people to celebrate with when good things happen and an overall feeling of belonging. We all need this bond in our lives. By putting others first, you open the opportunity to cultivate more of these deep relationships.


Professionally, putting others first shows commitment to your employees, and supports their success. It allows you to develop a fun, energetic, environment for yourself and your team. In addition to affording you great relationships with your staff, they are also dedicated to you, are more engaged in their work, and are more willing to invest their time and energy into a job well done. This, in turn, translates into organizational success.


For some people putting others first is second nature. For others, it requires thought, commitment, and intentional repetition. The good news is, with repetition comes habit, and this is definitely a habit you want to keep.


What is required for you to put other people first?

  • A relentless attitude combined with consistent behaviors and actions
  • Being fully present in the moment and the relationship
  • Sincere commitment and ongoing interaction
  • Genuine interest in those around you
  • A heart of empathy and care
  • A willingness to support others
  • The ability to leave judgement behind


What does it look like for you when you put other people first? For your organization? For your family? For your friends?