In October, Innovative Connections will celebrate 14 years in business. As we started in 2008, businesses were struggling through the Great Recession. As we move through 2021, the changes resulting from COVID shine a new light on what it means to be successful through external change and transitions.

We continue to be proud of our partnerships and are committed to the belief that trusting relationships, high agility, and holding a vision of possibility have been contributing factors that have defined us as individuals and as an organization.

In the spirit of embracing change, we are excited to announce that we have a new look. Our new website has launched, our logo has a fresh feel and our materials have been updated with recent research, models and leadership tools. In support of you, we want to ensure we stay on the cutting edge of what is great leadership practice.

As we teach in many of our classes, the world is changing far faster than we, as people, have the psychological capacity to keep up. Yet, without conscious effort to fill the gap, we risk even greater lags. We are proud to bring forth new resources, programs, and services to ensure you have what you need to build strong organizations and leaders.

We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website. Visit us at Our simplified site makes it easy to find information about our services, highlights our expert talent, provides blogs, resources, and tools to support your leadership journey, and makes it easy for you to connect with us. Navigating change, culture and people is never an easy endeavor. Our goal is to more seamlessly share our expertise and help  you understand our complex service offerings and how we can support you to be more effective.

As you’re looking things over, make sure you scroll to the bottom of our home page and sign up for an immediate download of our newest free resource on Trust. Next month, you will also receive our newly designed newsletter with valuable tips and resources.

Please contact us if you have questions, suggestion, feedback, or comments. Thank you, and enjoy!