By Laurie Cure, Ph.D.

As we moved towards 2021, I wrote a well-received article for CEOWorld about how adopting a growth mindset can help executives embrace optimism and possibility thinking. The way we view situations, events and our circumstances shape how successfully we are able to navigate the challenges that life throws at us.

growth mindset is one that allows us to view talents and potential as things that can be learned and developed as opposed to a fixed mindset which says that these abilities are natural and innate. When we embrace a belief that we can grow and improve, we experience greater degrees of empowerment and commitment. 

Embracing the tips below can ensure you step into the New Year with a fresh start.

Say yes to what is difficult

we can ensure and accomplish hard things if we approach them with the right attitude

Perspective matters

View challenges as possibilities and failures as learning opportunities

Language is important

Pay attention to how you use language to depict your mindset

Focus on different goals

To grow, we often need to reassess our goals in light of what is changing and important 

Embrace your emotions, ALL of them

Work and integrate with your emotions not against them. Allow you emotions to inform you

Welcome your imperfections

It can be challenging to manage our ego, but a growth mindset invites us to use our vulnerabilities to create learning


Our reflections and learnings illuminate what so many spiritual traditions have known for millennia; that discomfort and suffering are a sure path to growth and expansion.


Consider the following:

  1. When has a growth mindset served you in the past? 
  2. Where do you find yourself in a fixed mindset that needs to shift? (hint: this is often in areas that touch our ego for example, lack of confidence, loss of power or control or something we worry about failing at)
  3. What situation(s) are you currently experiencing  that would benefit from a growth mindset?


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