Contemplate a typical day or week in your life and identify at least two items that would go into each bucket.


Bucket 1

Higher priority

These activities are important, satisfying, and critical. They are items that are most deeply meaningful and highest priority.

These projects align with your values and fill your bucket in ways that are fulfilling.



Bucket 2

Lower priority

These might be things that you care about, but if you need to step away, it’s ok. They include activities or tasks that are

important, but don’t drive you. They may be things you enjoy but just don’t have time for.



Bucket 3

Let go, drop or delay

These might be activities that you do out of obligation. They might drain you or not be important. They are the things you

want to say no to but, for some reason, stay on your list.




What goes into each of your buckets? What new insights are you having?



Notice the impact when you are aware of and in alignment with your values, and when you are not.