By Gail Gumminger


How many times a day do we find ourselves or others talking during our virtual video conference meetings only to find out that no one heard anything we said. We quickly fumble to find the button to turn our microphone on and try to reenact our thoughts. It has become somewhat humorous knowing that it still happens even after almost a year of training.

In the spirit of these unique times when everything feels different, consider making your New Year’s resolution different as well. Instead of setting new goals requiring more “to dos” that typically diminish in short order, how about engaging in different conversations. How about making sure the microphone button is always on?  Remember deep conversations are the basis for meaningful relationships and can ignite new thoughts and perspective.

As we hit the proverbial 2021 reset button, what conversations are waiting for us? 

Challenge yourself to step into conversations through a wider lens. Say what is not being said. Ask powerful questions to establish meaning. Be curious. Listen to understand. Create greater awareness. Spark new conversations to re-establish an undeveloped relationship. Engage in a sensitive topic with wonderment. 

I encourage all of us to replace our tired ‘ol goal setting traditions with deeper conversations. Real conversations. Conversations that evoke emotions and hold space for us to stay in relationship with each other. After all, our interpersonal relationships provide meaning and a sense of purpose for all of us. 

Our “Inspiring Leadership Conversations” collection is an assembly of diverse resources and powerful questions with the intent to ignite deeper, dynamic conversations. Consider the conversations in your meeting rooms, at your kitchen table or at your neighborhood coffee shop. These rich conversations are generated by different perspectives, curiosity, and powerful questions that matter. 

“Inspiring Leadership Conversations” is perfect for generating meaningful conversations with work teams, executive teams and C-suites, boards and community organizations, sports teams, peer groups, friends, and family.


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