Team Development

Improved team dynamics = Improved performance

Creating a framework that enables a group of interdependent individuals with different skills and personalities to collaborate effectively can be challenging.

A team assessment can help identify team dynamics that work, and those that do not. These dynamics can include trust, team collaboration, goal setting, communication, and more. Once you have identified areas for improvement, we will work with you to develop strategies that will address these issues and result in the most positive impact for your team.

Additionally, by choosing to complete both a pre- and a post-assessment, you can see a true picture of where you started, how much your team has grown, and where you can direct future efforts.

High performing teams

  • Understand the variables that make a team strong
  • Form and implement strategies that increase trust
  • Help teams engage in productive, respectful conflict
  • Increase employee engagement, accountability, and commitment
  • Improve team dynamics to drive business results

Team assessment & strategy formulation

  • Learn the stages of team development and how they work for your team
  • Take a pre- and post-assessment to determine the development stage of your team
  • Identify areas of strength and those needing improvement
  • Understand your team dynamics to help you work more effectively as a team
  • Formulate strategies to enhance your team’s relationships and performance

If your team is

  • Struggling with conflict between team members

  • Is newly formed or has several new members

  • Needs to move in a new direction

  • Is not performing or getting the results you desire

  • Has experienced change

Focusing on your team dynamics can be a critical step to improve team function and performance.


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