The Conscious Coach

Transforming leaders, teams, and the organization

The Conscious Coach


Creating a coaching culture within your organization requires leaders who can build teams, establish strong relationships and achieve results in a new way. By developing key coaching competencies such as awareness, presence, listening, trust building, and managing goals and accountability, your leaders can transform engagement and performance.

The Conscious Coach is designed to develop a cadre of skilled internal coaches. These coaches can be deployed throughout the organization to support existing and emerging leaders.

Organizations experience extraordinary business results, unexpected transformation and the unlocking of potential when leaders embrace coaching and emotional intelligence skills in their leadership.


    A commitment to professional development through coaching offers significant benefits across the workforce. These include:

    • Higher levels if engagement, commitment, and retention
    • Effective succession planning
    • Stronger employee/leader relationships
    • Increased productivity, resilience, and wellness
    • Heightened creativity and innovation
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    International Coach Federation certified

    The Conscious Coach is certified by the Internal Coach Federation (ICF). Participants can apply for credentials to be a Certified Coach through the ICF ACC portfolio program, if desired



      The goal of coaching is good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.

      ~The Harvard Business Review

      Impact on the organization

      Seven characteristics of a coaching culture

          • Leaders are positive role models
          • Every member is focused on customer feedback
          • Coaching flows in all directions — up, down, and laterally
          • Teams become passionate and energized
          • Learning occurs, more effective decisions are made, and changes move faster
          • Human resources systems are aligned and fully integrated
          • The organization has a common coaching practice and language

        Bill Pullen and Erin Crane, Creating a Coaching Culture in a Global Organization



        ​​​​​​​Impact on the leader as coach

          • Improve emotional and cultural intelligence to unlock people’s potential to maximize their own performance
          • Foster the humanity and authenticity as a learning leader
          • Master the ability to impart knowledge and help others discover it for themselves
          • Decrease burnout and improve employee retention and leader succession
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          Format customized for your needs

          • Program offers small group learning environment (up to 20) either on-site, virtual or a combination
          • Program dovetails with talent management processes to support succession planning, high performance team development, and strategic organization-wide coaching model
          • Program allows time to immerse in the learning process through real life, day-to-day application of skills learned
          • ICF certified for those leaders wanting to be a Certified Coach through the ICF portfolio program
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