Leadership Coaching


Leadership Coaching


Leadership can be an isolated experience, one in which you may not have peers in whom you can appropriately confide and from whom you can seek feedback. An executive coaching relationship is an experiential and individualized process that builds the coachee’s ability to realize goals and be more effective day-to-day. Based on mutual trust and respect, the organization, the executive, and the coach partner to achieve maximum impact. We will design a personalized coaching program to meet your leaders exactly where they are, to support their individual growth and achievement.

Our executive development coaching program includes:

  • Six months of private one-on-one 50-minute coaching sessions conducted over the phone (every 1 – 3 weeks, as mutually determined by the coach and the executive)
  • Hogan Personality Assessment
  • Up to three facilitated triad conversations with the executive coachee, the coachee’s leader, and the coach to gain feedback that will enhance professional effectiveness and growth
  • Preparation coaching for the leader prior to triad discussions
  • Access to the coach via email between sessions
  • “Homework” assignments to develop awareness and practice new skills

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