Rebound From Burnout

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As you and your teams move through the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will likely find that the realities of “returning to normal” are different for everyone. Processing your own emotions, let alone the emotions of those looking to you for direction, can be difficult.

A coach can provide an unbiased sounding board to help you and your colleagues problem-solve, consider ways to deal with conflict, and process difficult decisions and emotions. During each session, your coach will introduce a topic with a brief teaching and then engage you and your colleagues in conversation about it, providing coaching insights as appropriate. The session concludes with a self-care strategy you can implement to help you refocus so you can effectively respond to chaotic situations with strength, resilience, and creativity.

Program Details

Leading through transition

  • Learn the difference between change and transition and how to move through each of them to ensure an positive outcome
  • Discover strategies for navigating through the impact chaos and uncertainty is having on you and your team


Grief and resilience

  • Help yourself and your teams cope and recover from loss and grief they may be experiencing as a result of the pandemic
  • Transform burnout and compassion fatigue into resilience
  • Build resilience that will help you recover from difficulties and adapt to threats or stress

Mental models & perspective

  • Explore mental models to ensure actions align with values, intentions, and how you want to be known
  • Examine how your beliefs impact your behaviors, relationships, and results
  • Learn how to control how you view and react to challenging experiences by managing perspectives
  • Engage optimism, appreciative inquiry and gratitude

Program Details

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