This post was written by Isaac Sisneros who serves in the Service Excellence Department of a large hospital system.

Today, I am grateful to serve this hospital and the patients that come here for care. Today, let me be proud of the work that I do; this work is sacred, will I see it as so?

Help me, in this moment, to be grateful for the honor of assisting those in pain, in fear, in anger, or in any other form of suffering; when I see their suffering and am thankful to be of service, I am transformed through empathy, kindness, and compassion. And my intention is to transfer this transformation to my fellow human beings in need.

May I respond with a smile. May I respond from my heart. May I be filled often and from this full capacity, may I give with my vitality, in my humility, and from my whole-heartedness.

Let me be grounded, malleable, and permeable; like water, I seek to cleanse, soothe, and flow into the cracks that are frequently unseen, unnoticed; and be faithful to that which sustains and nourishes all parts of this greater whole. Let me be. Let me be WITH others. Thankful for this work and opportunity to be full and emptied and filled up again and again. A witness. A voice. Eyes and ears and heart. Mindful.

Isaac Sisneros