This morning, I felt the need for a quiet meditative drive. I am in a beautiful location, so I headed off down the country roads determined to explore and be open to whatever emerged. I love those moments; those times when we can break free from the routines and demands upon us and allow life to consume us in unexpected ways. My heart was bursting open this morning with love, gratitude and emotion.

I have captured these images in my mind and treasure their blessings. I was mesmerized by the natural wonders that surround us every day. I watched as two men fish on a lake as smooth as glass. I am coming to believe that fishing offers a highly introspective quality that I may have underestimated all those times my father headed out with his fly vest and pole

As I drove down a narrow one lane road, I passed a man and his young son, walking hand in hand down the path, blissfully exploring the world around them. I cannot even describe the look of pure contentment in their eyes.

I noticed two women in a sea of what appeared to be wild daffodils. They smiled at one another as they cut a bouquet; arms full of blossoms.

I drove by two older men, parked side by side on the road, conversing and laughing boisterously with one another as if all that mattered in that moment was their friendship.

And then, as I turned a corner, my most miraculous sight of the trip. . . I was witness to a farmer in the field as he helped a newborn calf rise to its feet for the first time. In that moment, the tears could not be held back any longer.

We are surrounded by so much beauty every second of our lives, but too often, we are not able to “see” it. My hope myself and others as I dream of tomorrow is that I can open myself up to magic and wonder of life. I hope for the ability to see the beauty that is in front of me always.