They say time heals all wounds. I think what I’ve come to realize is that time merely changes them. Some scars are deeper than others, some grief experienced more profoundly and some changes more intensely felt.

There are times when a song or a voice; a laugh or a cry; a word or a post, a picture or a touch takes you to a place of remembrance. Feeling the loss comes in anger, depression, grief or acceptance and seems to depend on the way time has mended the pain.

We cannot measure our hurt against that of others as we are the only ones capable of knowing our own inner sorrow and grief.

If what John Green says is true and “grief does not change you. . . it reveals you.”, then I seek clarity for myself and others and to what is emerging from the piercing heartbreak.

We are living in a rapidly changing world and loss of all kinds surround us. As leaders, we manage change, we inflict change, and we encourage change. What we are often not as strong in are the skills to navigate the grief that follows changes. Guiding ourselves and our employees through the grief that results from significant change and loss is a critical skill as we engage in environments that require transition.

I ask that we find a way to manage endings so that we are supported in our growth and in a way that reveals our authenticity. May we never ignore the beauty of what we may have lost and may be not forget that working through the loss, however great, is the only way to arrive at the new beginning.