The Power of Passion & Purpose

Rediscover & reengage enthusiasm for your profession.

This 2-day course offers an opportunity to reconnect to our lives, our professions and our internal passion. Available on site at your location, we encourage leaders, managers and front line employees to participate in this experience.

It will foster a culture change from the inside out by deepening our meaning for the work we do. Available for all industries and professions. For information and details about the 2 day curriculum, please contact Innovative Connections using the contact form on the website.

Overcoming Compassion Fatigue & Burnout

For those who work in caring professions, compassion fatigue is a real risk that prevents employees from maintaining engagement in their work. We enter these professions out of a desire to help others and often are surprised at how easily we can feel burned out by the demands placed upon us.

Suddenly, we have forgotten what drove us into this work to begin with. This workshop is about helping you and your employees reconnect with your life, your profession and your internal passion. It is a journey of remembering, reflection, and discovery.


Nurture Your Passion

In the workshop, participants will engage in self-awareness activities and learning around compassion, “customer” experience, accountability in their work and lives, their relationship to colleagues and how to reengage in their work from a place passion and productivity.

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Session Options

This two day workshop can be conducted as an individual teambuilding. However, it is most effective as an organization-wide strategy to change culture. It has been widely used in healthcare, education and other caring professions to foster a culture change from the inside out.

Who Should Participate?

Anyone wishing to explore, reflect and renew their energy and passion for the work they do.

Here is what participants are saying about the class.

Brought me back to my passion

“It brought me back to my passion;why I do this in the first place. I feel like I can return to my work with a renewed sense of passion and gratitude for the profession I have chosen to be my life’s work.”

The class helped me

“The class helped me recognize ways to change and grow that would help me be a better caregiver, coworker and person.”

I learned a lot

“I’m very glad that I got to come to this class. I learned a lot about my self and my team and how we can work better together.”

Insight for not just my job but life

“This class EXCEEDED my expectations! I really came in with no expectations, but am leaving with a lot of insight for not just my job but life in general.”

Helped me to re-evaluate my life

“I’ve learned so much in such a short period of time. This helped me to re-evaluate my life and treat myself and others better.”

What an Awesome experience!

“I am leaving here today with a FULL heart. What an Awesome experience!”

gave me lots of ideas

“The class gave me lots of ideas about how I can be more of who I want to be and be more present to the people in my life both personally and professionally.”

Take a step back

”It’s always nice to have an opportunity to take a step back and look at our authentic selves.”

I will treat my patients and my family much differently

“I need to think of my challenges in a different way. I will treat my patients and my family much differently because of what I learned about myself in this class.”

This investment in myself was life changing

“Useful tools, handouts, and lessons. We can only change ourselves and this investment in myself was life changing.”