Talent Management

The Key to Recruitment & Retention

Organizations need the best talent possible to help them reach their goals. Using proven processes and methodologies, Innovative Connections supports your needs to assess and build your talent pool through development, succession planning, and understanding your workforce needs.

These efforts, which will ensure you attract and retain the most talented people, include building recruitment, on-boarding, and retention strategies, as well as processes to assess and measure your workforce competency in your specific environmental challenges.


I. Workforce Planning

Are you planning for your future workforce needs? We assist organizations in matching their workforce to their strategy. What type of employees will you need in the next 5 years? 10 years? What skills will they need to have? How will you get there? We bring processes and plans that can help answer these critical questions around workforce needs.

II. Talent Acquisition


How are you recruiting? Are you recruiting in the right places to find the correct mix of staff? Do you have the right positions (job analysis and assessments) to ensure your selected candidates can be successful in your organization? How do you expand your pool of candidates?

We can assist you in strategically addressing these questions. Many organizations have recruitment departments; however ensuring a strategic connection to your business as you seek and acquire talent is often overlooked.


III. Selection



Research estimates that the cost of selecting the wrong person for a job can be as much as 2x the annual salary of the position. Selecting the right candidate is one of the most important steps in the hiring process, yet we often embrace antiquated hiring practices that do not ensure quality candidates. What does you interview process look like?
Are you using the right testing and assessment as a pre-hire process? How are you determining the right fit? Are staff involved, or just leadership? How are you assessing skills, competency, experience etc.? Are you losing candidates as a result of lengthy selection processes? What is your time-to-hire? Are you consistent in your hiring around common values? Do have competitive compensation and benefits?
These are critical questions that influence your ability to successfully bring on new employees. We can assist in assessment and intervention to position you to effectively select the right people.



IV. Onboarding



Employees enter a new role with excitement and, often, anxiety. They desire a sense of belonging and need clear expectations to perform well. How are you orienting, training and onboarding your employees? Is it a meaningful process?
Are you losing staff within the first 6-12 months (the most vulnerable time)? How are you supporting new hires? We can assist in developing onboarding strategies that are meaningful to the employee, the team, and the organization.



V. People Development



As employees and leaders grow in their roles, they require continued development. We embrace a balanced approach to development which incorporates on-the-job development and assignments, coaching and feedback, and formal training and education. What is your current retention rate?
Employees and leaders leave for a variety of reasons. Our team can assist you in not only assessing these reasons, but also in developing and implementing strategies to improve your results. Motivating employees through development opportunities can be the turning point from good to great.



VI. Performance Management



Guiding and leading employees to perform is critical to the success of your business. Are you managing performance effectively? Are you motivating your high performers? Are you deselecting employees who are not performing or who are not the right fit? Are you evaluating performance effectively to link to desired results?
Performance, results, and outcomes are contingent upon employees who are engaged and excel at their work. Accountability is based on both leadership and employee behaviors. We assist organizations to improve accountability by addressing and intervening in areas where accountability suffers (trusting environments, structures, conflict management, performance conversations, establishing expectations and seeking commitment to organizational goals).



VII. Organizational Structure



Organizational environments in many industries are changing, and your organizational structure might need to change with it. Using inclusive processes, which often bring leaders and employees together, we assist organizations in defining their critical needs and designing organizational structures to meet those strategic needs. We use advanced organizational design theory and principles to align with your organizational goals and culture.
Ultimately, this creates recommendations for an organizational structure that more effectively addresses your business needs. Are you experiencing strategic shifts? Growth or shrinkage in a given market? Role or task confusion? Significant changes in staff? cultural change? Conflict between groups? These can all be symptoms of a design problem and a restructure might be the best strategy to consider.



VIII. Culture



What is your culture and is it contributing to retention? What are the dynamics of your work environments? Are employees aligned to the culture you are trying to develop? Culture can be defined as the personality of the organization and leaders often say that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”
All too often, organizations ignore culture to the detriment of their business outcomes. Innovative Connections can assist in assessing and implementing strategies to both understand your culture and determine whether new cultural elements are needed to make you more successful in achieving your desired outcomes.


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