Visioning & Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is foundational to the work of any organization. Using traditional and non-traditional methodologies, we develop and facilitate visioning and strategic planning sessions and processes that are inclusive, engaging, and sustainable. The result: a clear roadmap to a successful future. These sessions can include a variety of stakeholders including leadership, employees, board members, community members and/or customers.

We assist teams in visioning for their future, establishing guiding principles which will support team growth, and aligning their goals and objectives to those of the organization.


Organizational Assessments

Organizational Assessments are a critical piece of the strategic planning process and allow for the understanding of your organizational strengths and challenges both internally and externally. We conduct a comprehensive analysis and assessment of your organization which includes identification of your strengths and opportunities, as well as, recommendations for planning. We then work with your team to create an action plan for implementation and alignment to strategy.


Visioning & Planning Sessions

Visioning and planning sessions:To increase buy-in, it is important that key stakeholders have a voice in creating your strategic plan. We design and facilitate this process with you in order to ensure the best possible outcome.


Market & Competitor Research

Market and competitor research:Using data analysis, focus groups, stakeholder interviews, and formal surveys, we incorporate both qualitative and quantitative assessments to ensure you have a solid understanding of the market you operate in and its impact on your operations. This provides leadership with independent findings to assist in understanding and improve effectiveness and outcomes. This data informs the strategic planning process and can offer insights which guide your direction.


Business & Capital Planning

Business and capital planning:With a solid vision, mission and values, an organization must begin to determine how to invest in ways that support its strategic direction and success. We assist businesses in creating sustainable planning processes and evaluating how to proceed with various business opportunities.


Medical Staff Development Planning

Medical Staff Development Planning:In the healthcare industry, understanding the physician market and developing sound physician strategies is critical to success. Using a formal development process, we can assist in analyzing the medical staff needs in your market and aligning it to your strategic direction.


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