Leadership Development

Individual & Team Assessments

Individual and team assessments can be invaluable in enhancing awareness and helping teams to work more collaboratively and cohesively. We summarize the assessment findings and recommendations and work with the team to identify and bring about desired changes. Hogan is our preferred assessment and offers results that assess personality, values, motivators, and potential career derailers.

  • I.

    Personality Assessments

    (Hogan, Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator, DISC Profile, Strengths Finder). These can assist individuals with personal self-awareness and can bring greater understanding to the team dynamics at work within groups.

  • II.


    Many organizations speak about accountability. Effective conflict management and the ability to have critical conversations is the key to accountability, performance, and healthy workplaces. Using a conflict style assessment, we help leaders and employees understand their own style and the styles of others to support enhanced teamwork and collaboration. We also share strategies in working with different conflict styles and discuss situations in which various conflict style are better suited.

  • III.

    Skills and Trait-based Assessments

    (e.g., Koble, or StrengthsFinder). At the core, we believe that leaders and teams will make more progress if they focus on their strengths. Often with teams we use assessment tools which support self-awareness around leader and individual strengths. When executed in teams and organizations, this can mean the difference between good and great.

  • IV.

    360 Degree Assessments

    360 degree assessments are used to gain confidential feedback from others about a leader’s strengths and skills gaps. We conduct 360 degree assessments on topics of leadership, emotional intelligence, change management, and conflict to facilitate coaching, team building and group development. The focus is strength-building and improvement.

  • V.

    Emotional Intelligence

    Many of our programs incorporate an emotional intelligence assessment as a way of measuring progress. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is rapidly being identified as a leading indicator of high performing leadership behaviors. Studies show that those leaders who demonstrate high EI achieve stronger employee engagement and business outcomes.

Team Building & Group Development

Facilitated Team Sessions

We assist organizations by creating and facilitating both large and small group processes to support desired outcomes. We work with both high-performing teams who want to continue to improve as well as teams that are struggling and can’t see their way forward.

Our consultants conduct an assessment of the issues at play and create a custom approach to address the goals sought, ultimately making the team more productive and successful. This may include retreats, visioning and planning meetings, process improvement sessions, problem-solving discussions, or stakeholder (employee, customer, community, board) feedback sessions.

Conflict Management & Resolution within Groups

Ineffective conflict management can be one of the biggest derailers for leaders and groups. We can assist leaders and to teams manage their conflict in ways that support creativity, healthy dialogue among team members, improved accountability and enhanced trust.

This might include facilitated discussion to establish guiding principles, mediation of immediate issues, and development of skills to engage in healthy conversation around issues generating significant conflict.

Collaborative Decision-Making & Consensus Building

Ultimately, it is the goal of healthy workgroups to engage and create teams that actively participate in decision making. Effective change management and leadership are contingent upon it. We can assist groups and share strategies and tools that will allow them to self-manage in a way that promotes team-based decision making and consensus, thereby shaping new behaviors that support team growth.

Leadership Development Solutions

Innovative Connections offers customized leadership development solutions to meet the needs of your organization. The following is merely a sample of the courses available. Courses can be combined, or custom content created, to meet the needs of your group.

  • Using Situational Leadership for Individual and Team Effectiveness
  • Living and Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Being a Leader Coach
  • Engaging in Productive Conflict
  • Trust: the Foundation of Relationships
  • Communication and Difficult Dialogues
  • Effectively Managing Performance
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Preventing Burnout
  • Know Thyself: Understanding Your Personality and Its Impact (MBTI)
  • Moving Yourself and Teams through Change and Transition
  • Time/energy management
  • Meeting management
  • Communicating with Clarity and Intention
  • Servant Leadership
  • The Emotional Connection (understand the key themes of emotions such as anger, fear, and shame and how to use them for your growth)
  • Seeking: Life Purpose and Self Fulfillment
  • Creating Abundance: Living BIG and attracting greatness
  • Developing an Engaged Workforce
  • Leading with Confidence
  • Establishing and Maintaining Accountability

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