I. Facilitated team sessions: We assist organizations in creating and facilitating large and small group processes to support desired outcomes. We work with both high performing teams who want to continue to improve as well as teams that are struggling and feel lost as to their next steps. We conduct an assessment of the issues and create a custom approach to address the goals sought. Ultimately, making the team more productive and successful.

This may be retreats, visioning and planning meetings, process improvement sessions, problem solving discussions or stakeholder (employee, customer, community, board) feedback sessions.

II. Conflict management and resolution within groups: Ineffective conflict management can be one of the biggest derailers for leaders and groups. We can assist leaders and teams manage their conflict in a way that supports creativity, healthy dialogue amongst team members and improved accountability. This might include facilitated discussion to establish guiding principles, mediate immediate issues and develop skills to engage in healthy conversation around issues generating significant conflict.

III. Collaborative decision-making and consensus building: Ultimately, it is the goal of healthy workgroups to engage and create teams that actively participate in decision making. Effective change management and leadership are contingent upon it. We can assist groups and share strategies and tools that will allow them to self manage in a way that promotes team based decision making and consensus, thereby shaping new behaviors that support team growth.