Innovative Connections is committed to the philosophy of creating wisdom by sharing knowledge. We believe that expanding our collective impact requires that we support one another and build resources that enable creative development both personally and within our organizations.

We have developed an extensive toolkit with a variety of templates and resources (some of which you will find below); we encourage you to download and use them to support your work.

While most of these documents are copyrighted, we want to make them available for you to review and use in your work. We just ask that you cite Innovative Connections, Inc., (or the other appropriate owner) as a source.


Accountability Worksheet

This worksheet poses critical questions to ensure you are doing what is necessary as a leader to drive accountability. 

Action Plan Template

Use this template to guide you through creating an action plan that you and your team can execute.

Business Plan Template

Use this template to guide you in creating a Strategic Business Proposal for a new healthcare service. 

24 Attributes of a High-Performance Culture

Determine where your culture is strong, where is there room for improvement?

Building High-Performance Teams

Discover key characteristics and indicators of high-performance teams.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) Assessment

Learn more and begin thinking about the elements and implications of EI.

Bloom where you are

Use our “Bloom where you are” journaling sheet to help keep your daily tasks organized and in perspective.

Project Charter

Use our Project Charter format to guide your team or committee through an important project. 

Powerful Questions

Here are some powerful questions you can ask to help guide others to discover their own knowing.