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Understanding yourself
– The Hogan Personality Assessment

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Power and Pitfalls in Polarities

It doesn’t have to be this or that; rather, both things can exist and be true at the same time.

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Trust in the Workplace

Whether your team stays or goes may come down to TRUST.

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Are You Renewing Your Energy for Another Season of the Unknown?

By Barb Ward As we head into the fall and winter seasons, it seems there is a lot of renewed talk about COVID-19 and what it will mean for our work and personal lives. For some, this brings feelings of manageable discomfort. For others, it invokes a sense of panic, of...

Do Better, Be Better and Innovate Better, Starting Now!

By Barb Ward If your organization is like most, the people within are constantly striving to do better, to be better, and to innovate better. So, how are you investing in your greatest asset – your people – to ensure they have the skills and support they need to help...

Bring on The Chaos!

Strategies for Effectively Maintaining Balance By Barb Ward September in Colorado has always been a favorite time of mine. The sky is bright blue, there’s a crispness in the air, mums are in full bloom, pumpkin spice is again a thing (whether you love or hate it!) and...

How to Let Go of Control

By Barb Ward It’s 2:30 a.m. and again, you are lying awake worrying about things that you can do nothing about. As you toss and turn, your anxiety increases to the level where you might as well get up, because sleep is no longer an option. If only you had control!...

Helping to Ensure Interim Leadership Success

By Barb Ward from an interview with Gail Gumminger, Leadership Consultant There has been a staggering leadership deficit over the past several years, most pronounced when Covid-19 hit and lingering to the present. While organizations are beginning to find their way...

Retooling Strategic Planning for a Post-Pandemic Future

By Laurie Cure I learned strategic planning the old-fashioned way: Conduct a comprehensive environmental analysis Complete a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) Develop strategies, actions, and tactics Operationalize through a scorecard Because I...

Artificial Intelligence – Friend or Foe?

By Paula Sparks In my early career, there was concern about computers taking over jobs – when in actuality; it created dozens of computer positions. I was in my early twenties and volunteered for computer positions because others were afraid of it. I was a relational...

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