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Too Much of a Good Thing? When Positivity Turns Toxic

By Barb Ward If you’re like me, it’s impossible to look at social media and not feel just a little in awe (and if I’m honest, a bit envious) of all the exciting vacations, family events, and fun gatherings people are sharing. Even though I am more of a home body, and...

Is the Glass Half Full? Or Half Empty?

By Barb Ward Do you consider yourself a person who sees that glass as half full, or half empty? If you are the former, it probably annoys you when friends, family or colleagues often come in with a negative perspective on something you are trying to see in a positive...

Has Your Outlook Changed

By Barb Ward Globally, and undeniably, Covid-19 has changed our lives. It has changed the way we parent, the way we work, the way we live our lives, and the choices we make. It may have impacted our relationships with family, friends, and co-workers in different ways,...

It’s Not Just ANY Question!

By Barb Ward  Have you ever been in a conversation with someone when they asked you a question that stumped you? On one hand, the answer seems simple, but then on second thought, maybe that isn’t the answer you really “feel”. These questions cause you to pause, and...

Powerful Questions Release Possibilities

By Mystie Johnson Foote, MD, MBA  One of my favorite powerful questions evokes a pause to consider a new possibility. Whether it is asked of me or if I ask another, there is a magical moment of awareness that anything is possible.   Powerful questions typically...

The Value of Coaching

By: Laurie Cure When you hear the word coaching, what comes to mind?   The term coaching invokes different meanings for various individuals. For some, coaching is part of a disciplinary performance management process when employees and leaders are not effective...

The Power of Coaching

By Mystie Foote, MD  I remember being in my first administrative leadership role when I was introduced to coaching.  Just a few days before this introduction, I had started as Chief Medical Officer at a large hospital.  The introduction came through an invitation to...


By Holly LeMaster Our human lives are certainly complicated and can feel dull and unfulfilling at times. Who among us, in moments of reflection and contemplation, hasn’t wondered, Is this all there is? Why am I here? What is mine to do? One’s purpose emerges from our...

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