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Innovation = Competitive Advantage

By Reta Coburn  In today’s business environment, you would be hard pressed not to find some reference to innovation in an organization’s strategic plan or a leader’s annual objectives. Innovation comes in many shapes and sizes, from improving existing products and...

Innovation – Ideas or Action?

By Barb Ward  When you think about the word innovation, what comes to mind? Making things better? Staying relevant in the marketplace? Meeting performance expectations? You would be hard-pressed to find a leader that does not think innovation is a critical part of...

Is Humor Your Leadership Superpower?

By Mystie Johnson Foote, MD, MBA    If you Google “Leadership and Humor” you will undoubtedly find numerous articles, some more scholarly than others, about how humor and leadership go hand in hand. In fact, I discovered that some business schools have an entire class...

A Little Humor Can Go a Long Way!

By Barb Ward  How many times have you heard the phrase, “Oh lighten up,” or “Laugh a little?” Humor through laughter, light-heartedness, and humility is powerful. When you laugh, your body creates a chemical response which releases endorphins that, in turn, relieve...

It’s a Win-Win When You Put Other People First

By Barb Ward What does it really mean to put other people first? In today’s highly digital environment, this seemingly simple action has become increasingly difficult, and sadly, increasingly rare. Thinking of other’s first sometimes requires intentional thought and...

What Happens When You Put Other People First?

By Barb Ward    What would the world look like if we all took the advice to put other people first? Your co-workers, your family, your friends? Focusing on others before yourself puts you into a different mindset, allows you to be more flexible, and creates...

Listening Conveys Respect

By Mystie Johnson-Foote, MD, MBA My aunt died last night. In the days leading up to her death, the family connected a lot. We talked to her and each other about life. My husband woke early one of these days with thoughts of my aunt and mortality. As we chatted about...

The Digital Age… It’s Everywhere You Look

By Barb Ward Everywhere you look, people are on their phones: in restaurants, cars, airplanes, walking down the street. Often, they are with other people, families, co-workers, or on dates. And not one of them is talking or listening to the people they are with. They...

Walking the Tightrope to Trust

By Barb Ward It is devastating when you are betrayed by someone you thought you could trust. Unfortunately, no one is immune to these situations. As a result of your experiences, you may have consciously, or unconsciously, built defense mechanisms that make it...

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