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Understanding yourself
– The Hogan Personality Assessment

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Power and Pitfalls in Polarities

It doesn’t have to be this or that; rather, both things can exist and be true at the same time.

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Trust in the Workplace

Whether your team stays or goes may come down to TRUST.

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Just Keep Swimming Putting People First Through Constant Change

By Kailey Bowser It’s no surprise that most businesses are experiencing change unlike they have ever seen. You can see it on the doors of most businesses; adjusted hours, limited menus, and staffing shortages. We are seeing slower response times, delayed projects,...

Building Resilience for a New Year

By Holly LeMaster Would that it were not true: that we must continue to become even ever more resilient as we cross the threshold into a brand new year. Wouldn’t it be lovely, instead, to find ourselves in a reality that continuously lifts us up, encourages us,...

Stay positive and “always look at the bright side of life”

By Laurie Cure Police search lake for missing girl 6.4 earthquake hits California Synagogue attacker took hostages North Korea threatens military steps against Japan Uvalde school district fails key security test News headlines (like today’s above) can leave one...

Enchanted In The Holiday Season

By Susan Davis The enjoyment and practice of anticipating and then enacting a holiday can be a ritual that fills this time of year with the power of presence and well… enchantment. While the term enchantment can be attributed to magical sorts of things - it is also...

What Does it Mean to be a Great Leader?

By Laurie Cure We hear it all the time in our work. Great leaders who, through their words, actions and very being, are gifted at building trust, promoting psychological safety, and building confidence in others.  It’s long been known, and research supports, that...

The Work-Life Balancing Act

By Laurie Cure You know the story. You live it every day. From morning until night, most of us are juggling a myriad of projects, tasks, situations, emotions, challenges, and joys. While the term work-life balance is getting a makeover as many begin to use terms like...

Being Grateful is its Own Reward

By Barb Ward The chaos and intensity of the world around us can seem overwhelming. But, if you can make yourself stop for a minute, take a deep breath, and think of the things you're grateful for, you can settle your mind, change your perspective, and feel more in...

Investing in Storytelling

By Holly LeMaster This week I was invited to join a client in a retrospective storytelling circle. It was an honor and a privilege to be included with the members of a team who have been through some great trials and tribulations over the past three years (and what...

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