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Conflict is Good?

By Mystie Johnson-Foote, MD Yes, that’s right, conflict is good! Conflict allows us to have and share differing opinions and expand our perceptions and improve our situations. However, conflict can become “bad” when we allow our differences of opinion to become a...

Life in the Transition Lane

By Barb Ward from an Interview with Kailey Bowser We all know people who are always up for a challenge and are change-hardy, but for most of us transitions and change can be hard. And, let’s be honest, we have had so much transition and change over the past few years...

The Great Respair

By Susan Davis Respair: noun, “the return of hope after a period of despair” verb,  “to have hope again” “The Great”. This heavy-weight designator has been used in alliance with saints, a few royalty, a wall, a military system, and a small list of events. COVID was...

Doesn’t Fit in Your Circle of Control? Then Let It Go!

By Barb Ward It’s 2:30 a.m. and again, you are lying awake worrying about things that you can do nothing about. As you toss and turn, your anxiety increases to the level where you have to get up, because sleep is no longer an option. You simply cannot accept that you...

Being Mindful in the Ordinary and the Extraordinary

By Susan Davis Mind-full. I picture a cartoon drawing of a brain with the top open, overflowing with images, movies, memories, to-do lists, laundry, dust, flowers, music, smells, touches, feelings, conversations, and stuff… oh the stuff… there is no way (without...

Psychological Safety and Trust

By Mystie Johnson Foote, MD, MBA If you’ve tried everything you can think of to move your team forward and they still seem to be stuck, the problem could be trust; or really, the absence of trust. You may think that there’s trust since you talk with these people every...

Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries are essential to our wellbeing and our success--in both our business and personal interactions with other human beings. When we create and hold healthy boundaries, we are able to say “no” in order to say our best “yes” when it matters most. And...

What Happens if You Create a Culture of Curiosity?

By Barb Ward from an interview with Gail Gumminger Think back to when you were a child. The world and everything in it held such wonder. You had no preconceived notions of what anything or anyone should be. You took things in and made a determination based on what you...

The Great Resignation is a Perfect Time to Consider a Restructure

Our workplaces are changing dramatically and rapidly. Employees are assessing their careers and making transitions, organizations are trying to keep up with changing market conditions and leaders are determining what role they play amidst the chaos that is occurring....

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