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Understanding yourself
– The Hogan Personality Assessment

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Power and Pitfalls in Polarities

It doesn’t have to be this or that; rather, both things can exist and be true at the same time.

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Trust in the Workplace

Whether your team stays or goes may come down to TRUST.

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4.1 million Americans Reach Retirement Age in 2024. Are You Ready?

By Barb Ward In 2024 approximately 4.1 million Americans will turn 65, that’s an average of 11,000 people per day according to a CBS News report. This, the largest surge of retirement-aged Americans in history, promises to wreak havoc on organizations already...

How Can Virtual Teams Be More Effective?

By Hannah Kaiser Although some organizations are beginning to call their remote employees back into the office, virtual teams are still on the rise. Over two-thirds of organizations across the world use remote teams in some form. And, while virtual teams offer many...

What does global really look like?

By Paula Sparks Technology has changed the rules of business. As new advancements are made, seemingly every day, it continues to increase the ability and necessity for organizations to adopt a global view for their businesses and their workforces. While this is...

Is Employee Recognition Really That Important?

By Barb Ward In an environment still recovering from The Great Resignation, finding ways to engage employees and reinforce their dedication and commitment to the organization is paramount. Developing a sincere, authentic recognition program is a simple step in...

Staying Healthy at Work

By Hannah Kaiser When we feel good, we feel empowered to do good at work. Sustaining healthy workplace habits goes beyond simply staying at home when sick. Good physical and mental health can be essential for fully engaging with our work and feeling satisfied with...

It’s here: Another New Year

Reflection and Planning will Start it off Right By Laurie Cure Welcome to 2024! With every new year comes reflection, planning, and putting structures in place that support you and your organization throughout the year. Strategic planning often moves to the forefront...

A Time Capsule of Lessons Learned

Compiled by Barb Ward from past Innovative Connections blogs The end of the year is always a time for reflection, so as we were contemplating the topic for our 2023 holiday blog, we began looking through some of the other blogs we’ve posted throughout the years. What...

Humor, a Serious Leadership Skill

By Barb Ward We use humor every day to help us diffuse tense situations, deflect embarrassment, manage adversity, lighten the mood, and as a mental release to get us through hard times. Sometimes people think there is no place for humor in the workplace, but research...

How to Reengage the Disengaged

By Hannah Kaiser The landscape of the workplace has shifted dramatically in recent years and continues to change. Remote and hybrid work have become increasingly common, fewer people are going into the office, and advancements in technology persistently threaten to...

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