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Understanding yourself
– The Hogan Personality Assessment

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Power and Pitfalls in Polarities

It doesn’t have to be this or that; rather, both things can exist and be true at the same time.

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Trust in the Workplace

Whether your team stays or goes may come down to TRUST.

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The Why Behind Everything You Do

By Susan Davis Have you ever been asked why you do what you do? Some of us may jump at the chance to describe collaboration, connection or inspiration in our work, while others may feel backed into a corner. A question beginning with “why” may feel accusatory,...

Thinking Big Enables Successful Change

By Mystie Johnson-Foote, MD, MBA Since my retirement from healthcare, I have been teaching high school students in addition to providing leadership coaching. As a healthcare executive, we often challenged the organization to think big. No doubt, my students and...

Innovating in a VUCA world

By Laurie Cure, PhD VUCA is a term that is being used more and more frequently to describe a world that is: Volatile  Uncertain  Complex  Ambiguous  Technology invention and adoption, diverse and extreme social issues, increasing natural disasters, shifting...

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Innovation?

By Barb Ward When we think about innovation today, so much of our thoughts automatically think of technology. The rate of change and innovation in the technology industry is moving so rapidly, it is hard to keep up. However, transitions in our world through the...

Power and Pitfalls in Polarities

By Holly LeMaster In today’s complex world it can be easy to see things in terms of absolutes: black or white, right or wrong, left or right, male or female. Perceiving situations and acting from the extreme end of the spectrum--either end--can be problematic. Extreme...

Paradox Leadership

By Gail Gumminger It appears that as the landscape of our environments remain uncertain and increasingly complex, many leaders are counting on innovation to address challenges and solve never been seen before problems. This is largely a good strategy if we understand...

The Incomplete Leader

Susan Davis Okay, go ahead and admit it, a little shiver traveled through you as you read the title, “The Incomplete Leader”. Is a leader allowed to be incomplete? Think about it, many types of leaders are allowed:  Flawed Leaders - allowed  Lop-sided Leaders -...

Can Your Perspective Change Everything?

By Barb Ward In our ever-changing, chaotic world, it’s easy to get mired down in the fact that life is continually spinning around us, and we really can only control a handful of things. If you are a person who likes structure, who is a problem-solver or a “fixer”,...

Navigating a Dysfunctional Workplace

By Laurie Cure, PhD It happens everywhere. Teams that lack collaboration and connection, leaders who feel deceptive, and colleagues who are rewarded for passive-aggressive behaviors. Dysfunction in the workplace impacts engagement, culture, and performance. In the...

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