Elyse McDonald

Elyse has a gift for putting people at ease and developing deep, interpersonal relationships. Listening intently and helping others achieve their goals has always been important to her. It is through her compassion and love for people, and her experience through many different career roles that she has honed her communication skills.

She believes the key to building trusting relationships is to start with a “beginner’s mind,” meaning that regardless of age, experience, gender, rank, etc. when you meet people in the moment you open the opportunity for deep connection.

While she prefers to organize and structure events behind the scenes, she also has an innate ability to know when to step in to gracefully take charge and get things done efficiently. Additionally, her videography and technology skills are a true asset to the team as the virtual environment for learning continues to grow.

Elyse has always been intrigued by the human mind and her goal is to be a wise, spirited force that allows others to experience insight and discovery on their path to personal and professional success.


Education/Specialized Training

More than 10 years of building relationships between people and meaningful experiences through art and collaboration.

Elyse is a multi-faceted artist, able to work in a variety of mediums. She is most motivated when working with corporate clients, bringing non-ordinary perspectives to those who work with her—allowing others to see in a playful way what they may not see themselves.

Near completion of Associate of Arts Degree



Elyse has a passion for art, as can be seen in the incredible works she creates (for example, the beautiful mandalas included on many of our team’s biography pages). She also enjoys gardening, cooking, nature, animals, and video games for relaxation.