Leading Without Fear The Fine Line Between Fear & Accountability

What is your greatest work-related fear? Losing your job?

Not being promoted? Making mistakes? Are you afraid of failure? Success?

In this insightful book, trusted consultant Dr. Laurie Cure will challenge you to consider these questions not only for yourself but also from the perspectives of those you lead.

The impact of fear in the workplace is not always what we expect; it can be debilitating to individual employees, departments, and entire companies.

In sharing the language of fear and stories we can relate to, Dr. Cure explains what drives our fears. It is from that awareness that we can move on.

In Leading without Fear: The Fine Line Between Fear and Accountability, you will understand that you can lead with confidence; you can achieve accountability and you do these things without using tactics of fear. Dr. Laurie Cure holds a masters degree in business administration and a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology. She is the president and CEO of Innovative Connections, Inc.

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What you will learn:

  • How to decrease fear and still create accountability.
  • How to help employees and leaders understand the language of fear.
  • Why organizations are tempted to (and often do) use fear.
  • What causes people to be afraid in the workplace.
  • How to understand the context of emotions in our work lives.
  • How to lead successfully without using fear.
  • How to promote team building and positive work environments.

Leading Without Fear

The Fine Line Between Fear and Accountability

by Laurie K. Cure, PHD 276 pages – $15.99 (paperback) or $13.99 (ebook download)

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