Our Team

Laurie K. Cure, PhD

Laurie’s commitment is to achieve organizational success for her clients by helping them discover and release their human potential. She brings a unique ability to build deep and trusting relationships, which enables her to help clients achieve amazing results.

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Mystie Johnson Foote, MD, MBA

Throughout her 20-year career as a physician and healthcare executive, Mystie has gleaned experience and first-hand knowledge into the rapidly changing healthcare environment. With a unique perspective on what drives, and depletes physicians in the healthcare industry today, Mystie brings a new insight and talent to the consulting team.

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Gail Gumminger, MPA

Gail is an accomplished leader with broad experience in both the public and private sectors. She understands the complexities of both large and small organizations as well as higher education academic environments.

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Julie Klein, MHA

Julie is an influential and innovative healthcare executive with a passion for providing compassionate, high-quality, accessible, care in a cost-effective model. A value-driven, ethical leader that focuses on building collaborative relationships, Julie knows both the patient care side and the business side of the industry.

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Holly LeMaster

For more than 30 years, Holly has served as a consultant, advisor, and coach to professionals and organizations in healthcare, philanthropy, and other arenas. She is committed to helping people and teams learn to discover gifts, find gratitude, and tell stories they like.

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Kathie Orlay

As a values-centered, highly motivated, influential leader, Kathie eagerly shares her knowledge and talents to help others reach their true potential. She provides fresh ideas and solutions for improving organizational effectiveness and works tirelessly to develop programs that exceed the expectations of participants and leaders.

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Beth Stiner, MOD

With a passion for connecting people and organizations to new ideas, resources and opportunities, Beth thrives on working with individuals, teams and companies who are continuously striving to be stronger, better and healthier.

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Ken Beecken

Ken has a wealth of experience working with and for small, growing companies in a variety of industries. These organizations have included everything from a small brain training center in Colorado to a privately owned English school in Japan, to a Japan-based startup in the Philippines. Ken specializes in helping these individuals and organizations develop and implement streamlined processes for recruitment, selection, training, and organizational development.

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Kaine Cure

Kaine enjoys using his interpersonal skills to manage communication between clients and Innovative Connections regarding their Hogan, emotional intelligence, and burnout assessments.

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Katie Cure

Katie has built her career on her love for helping people, her outstanding customer service skills, and her ability to build strong, trusting relationships that endure through time.

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Barb Ward

Barb has spent her career growing her knowledge and skills in writing and design to produce effective communications and marketing materials, ensuring her clients reach their business goals.

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