"The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we are about to become."

- Charles Du Bois

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Innovative Connections offers a diverse array of services which support organizations, teams and individuals to maximize performance and effectiveness through partnership and collaboration. Organizational Development and Organizational Psychology interventions can be complex and are often based on assessment of the organizations needs. We measure the results of our interventions in various ways and offer clients methods to assess effectiveness of our people-based solutions. This allows us to demonstrate results from our work with you in ways that are meaningful to you and directly address your challenges.

Organizational Consulting

In partnership with organizations, we support growth, improved stakeholder relations, operations and human resources outcomes through various consulting options. Our diverse skills set and expertise allows us to operate from a systems perspective, identifying issues and solutions across disciplines; thereby integrating unique and custom strategies to address specific organizational issues.

Team Development

Enhancing team performance can be a critical success factor in any organization We can assist in identifying team and group development needs, creating dynamic strategies to address those issues and implementing solutions that will drive high performing teams.

Leadership And Personal Development

Research shows 7 out of 10 leaders will fail for one or more of the following reasons: —Inability to adapt to demands of new position; —Inability to think strategically; —Inability to develop good working relationships with key stakeholders; —Inability to build and maintain a team; —Inability to execute plans/drive change; —Inability to get results. Where are you and/or your leaders at risk of failing.

Using assessments and various learning methods, the consultants at Innovative Connections work with individuals and organizations to develop talent and unleash human potential. With a philosophy that we all have clear, distinguishable strengths, we tap into assessment, coaching and various other leadership development strategies to release the power that each of us harnesses. Ultimately, this promotes higher levels of performance and drives business and personal outcomes. In the end, we seek to minimize your risk of failure and support your success as a leader.