"Relationship is surely the mirror in which you discover yourself."

- Krishnamurti

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Organizational Change Management

Change management is a highly conscious, deliberate process which allows leaders to strategically design, implement and manage change and improvement efforts. This process supports increased buy-in, minimizes resistance and enhances the success, sustainability and results of change efforts. We work with organizations at all stages of the change process and can offer strategic interventions for organizational, division or individuals level change initiatives.

Successful change efforts require:

–  A meaningful link between the change effort and organizational strategies and priorities

—- An ability to address the “soft” or “human” side of change including managing endings, the grief cycle and transitions

—- Ensuring adequate resources and capacity are made available for the change

—- Effective communication, which is often one of the greatest challenges of change

—- Leaders that model the behavior that they expect from others and LEAD the change efforts

—- Management of the culture aspects of change

—- Ensuring adequate structures are in place to support change

—- Ensuring roles and leadership is clear and defined

—- Involving stakeholders in change efforts


In leading change, organizations must address the technical solution and operational issues of the change, as well as, aspects of acceptance and buy-in. Most change efforts fail because leaders and organization underestimate and do not adequately plan for the “people” side of the change. We engage tools, methods and process from conducting readiness assessment to managing the various stages in the change cycle, to ensure greater change effectiveness.
Action Plan Template
Change Management - Priority Payoff Matrix