"It’s impossible for man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

- Epictetus

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Kathleen Mineo

Kathleen Mineo, PHR

Kathleen Mineo, PHR

Kathleen Mineo, PHR

Kathleen believes that we cannot solve the challenges of the 21st century using the solutions of the 20th century. Through the cutting edge research in neuroscience and the use of mindful awareness we can navigate the journey ahead and welcome the changes of this fast paced world. As a certified Human Resource Professional, as well as a well-being coach, Kathleen’s aim in her consulting, facilitating and coaching is to find the place within each individual where they are inspired to build on strengths and show up, mind, body and spirit to address the opportunities at hand. Leadership can no longer be top down, it must be inside out.

Kathleen’s experiences range from employee relations, leadership development, effective communication, whole person wellness, ergonomics, generational differences and conflict resolution to employee engagement.

Kathleen has spent her career in leadership, wellness and human resources. Her belief is that effective leadership should be transparent, consistent, “fair and just” and create an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

Recent trainings: The Science of Mindfulness: A Research-Based Path to Well-Being; Conscious Leader Development Program; Whole Person Coaching; Appreciative Leadership Development; and Cultural Competency.

Certifications: Professional in Human Resources, (HR Certification Institute) since 2009; Certified HIPAA Professional since January 11, 2011.

In her spare time she gardens, runs, cycles and competes in Duathlons and Half Marathons.