"Relationship is surely the mirror in which you discover yourself."

- Krishnamurti

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Connect, then…

By David Quigley While running errands recently I had the opportunity to be in and out of several local businesses. I was greeted as I entered the bank, then the tire shop, again in the coffee shop, and the convenience store. This is a common experience nowadays, as most businesses make it a point to greet customers as a routine part of their sales or service approach. In your personal experience, is that personal greeting effective, or not? I’ve spent

STOP Negativity Bias- Kathleen Mineo

Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “I have also decided to stick with love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.” Why is hate so harmful?  I think all of us know the answer, but do we realize that hate actually causes physiological and mental harm? Neuroscience in the last 20 years has made amazing discoveries by studying the brain and how it functions. By watching different reactions while using the fMRI, they have discovered the neuropathways that flow to different

Ring in the New Year- By Kathleen Mineo

It is that time of the year that many of us will review the year that is ending.  This year I choose to do it with a gentle touch of non-judgment of my own foibles and those of others. It is also a time of looking forward, to imagine what the path of the new year will be. Last year my word, work and theme was “Courage”.   I was embarking on many new opportunities and quite honestly, I was pretty

Accountability Process Worksheet

As we seek to build accountable environments and employees, this worksheet walks through the 3 steps of accountability and poses critical questions to ensure you are doing what is necessary as a leader to drive accountability. When we skip one of these steps, accountability falters.

What is your story?

I posted today for Innovative Connections, Inc and I thought the question was worth sharing. . . We did a webinar last month on mental models. . . those potentially incorrect beliefs we hold about people or situations that can get in the way of us seeing a deeper truth (or even the REAL truth). One question to contemplate is “What story are you telling yourself RIGHT NOW that maybe incorrect and NOT true?” The power in this question comes

Today, I am Grateful to Serve

This post was written by Isaac Sisneros who serves in the Service Excellence Department of a large hospital system. Today, I am grateful to serve this hospital and the patients that come here for care. Today, let me be proud of the work that I do; this work is sacred, will I see it as so? Help me, in this moment, to be grateful for the honor of assisting those in pain, in fear, in anger, or in any other

See the Beauty that Surrounds you Always

This morning, I felt the need for a quiet meditative drive. I am in a beautiful location, so I headed off down the country roads determined to explore and be open to whatever emerged. I love those moments; those times when we can break free from the routines and demands upon us and allow life to consume us in unexpected ways. My heart was bursting open this morning with love, gratitude and emotion. I have captured these images in my

Grief Reveals You

They say time heals all wounds. I think what I’ve come to realize is that time merely changes them. Some scars are deeper than others, some grief experienced more profoundly and some changes more intensely felt. There are times when a song or a voice; a laugh or a cry; a word or a post, a picture or a touch takes you to a place of remembrance. Feeling the loss comes in anger, depression, grief or acceptance and seems to

This is Worth Repeating

Last year, I wrote the blog which follows. In honor of Lindsey Sterling’s new song “Shatter Me”, I thought this might be a good time to repost. The lyrics speak to fear and the need to shatter the glass if we are to feel alive. Hope you enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/user/lindseystomp Reposted : About 18 months ago, my son bounced down the stairs from his room beaming from ear to ear. He had heard an amazing new artist and couldn’t be more

Are you learning agile?

Becoming better leaders (and people for that matter) requires a skills in self awareness. Without the capacity to be aware, reflect and learn, we remain stuck- engaging in behavior that do not serve us or those we lead. The concept of learning agility merely speaks to our willingness and ability to learn from experiences and then apply those lessons to new events. Learning-agile individuals practice disciplined personal development in five ways: 1. Innovating: They are not afraid to challenge the