"A life without inquiry is not worth living."

- Socrates

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They say time heals all wounds. I think what I’ve come to realize is that time merely changes them. Some scars are deeper than others, some grief experienced more profoundly and some changes more intensely felt. There are times when a song or a voice; a laugh or a cry; a word or a post, a picture or a touch takes you to a place of remembrance. Feeling the loss comes in anger, depression, grief or acceptance and seems to

Last year, I wrote the blog which follows. In honor of Lindsey Sterling’s new song “Shatter Me”, I thought this might be a good time to repost. The lyrics speak to fear and the need to shatter the glass if we are to feel alive. Hope you enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/user/lindseystomp Reposted : About 18 months ago, my son bounced down the stairs from his room beaming from ear to ear. He had heard an amazing new artist and couldn’t be more

Becoming better leaders (and people for that matter) requires a skills in self awareness. Without the capacity to be aware, reflect and learn, we remain stuck- engaging in behavior that do not serve us or those we lead. The concept of learning agility merely speaks to our willingness and ability to learn from experiences and then apply those lessons to new events. Learning-agile individuals practice disciplined personal development in five ways: 1. Innovating: They are not afraid to challenge the

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This morning, I received the following comment on a blog interview.  The notion that fear is a motivator is common and I thought you might find value in reading the discussion thread. AA-Sampang Riyard Posted: I disagree….I use the fear of disappointment and fear of failure as a major motivator. I have real expectations for my subordin…ates and they know that if they don’t work to meet those expectations they are not going to be relied upon in the future

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One can never underestimate the beauty of a good metaphor. While attending a dream workshop this week, I was reintroduced to the idea of companion gardening. I am sure many of you have heard the benefits of planting marigolds by your tomato plants or other vegetables in order to deter pests and bugs. Avid gardeners have researched hundreds of plants to determine which plants actually support one another in productive ways and which are detrimental to each other. Essentially, which

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“Don’t stay where you are tolerated. Go where you are celebrated.” The Creative Commons We each have a solid internal compass; a knowing that stirs within us. It’s that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach or the slight pain you feel in your chest.  It’s the lump in your throat that offers a critical message. A message of survival, and a message of enduring hope. The signal that screams for you to let go of the trapeze

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Another story on the importance of understanding the impact of fear. Enjoy 🙂 Overcoming Fear Brings About Greater Accountability on the Job

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We touch people’s lives. Everyday, we have experiences with others. These experiences shape us, change us and sometimes alter the entire path of our life. They profoundly impact our perception, our actions and affect the core of who we are. Enjoy this amazing TEDtalk and feel free to share your lollipop moment.

About 18 months ago, my son bounced down the stairs from his room beaming from ear to ear. He had heard an amazing new artist and couldn’t be more pleased at his “discovery”. I followed him up and together, we watched her youtube video. Her talent was undeniable and I would find out more recently, that her teachings (however unconscious) were even more meaningful. For Christmas, we purchased tickets for the family to see Lindsey Stirling in concert. She was

An introduction to the results from a phenomenological study of the emotion of fear in the workplace.