"The important thing is this: to be able, at any moment, to sacrifice what we are for what we are about to become."

- Charles Du Bois

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What is your story?

I posted today for Innovative Connections, Inc and I thought the question was worth sharing. . .

We did a webinar last month on mental models. . . those potentially incorrect beliefs we hold about people or situations that can get in the way of us seeing a deeper truth (or even the REAL truth).

One question to contemplate is “What story are you telling yourself RIGHT NOW that maybe incorrect and NOT true?”

The power in this question comes from the ability to hold a different story or a new truth. It shapes new emotions, new beliefs and can change the very core of our relationships. When we can consider, even for a moment, a pluralist perspective, we begin to understand that there exists a diversity of views and interpretations. Our single story about a person or event actually locks us into emotions (perhaps anger, fear, shame, guilt) that might not even reflect an actual truth.

So, what is your story that may hold a different meaning? If you held that new meaning, even for a moment, how might your emotions and feeling towards the person or situation change as a result?

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Laurie Cure

Dr. Laurie Cure holds a Ph.D. in industrial and organizational psychology and a master’s degree in business administration. She is the president and CEO of a growing consulting company; Innovative Connections, Inc. Laurie has over twenty years’ experience in helping small businesses and larger organizations on their journeys toward excellence. She also teaches at the university level and delivers seminars and lectures on organizational psychology and personal development. She lives in Colorado with her husband of nineteen years and their eighteen-year-old son and sixteen-year-old daughter.

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At first, I needed to be convinced that the physician coaching would help me achieve my goals. I am a busy physician and I thought it would be difficult to fit on one more thing. The coaching offered me insights that I never would have come to otherwise and I have changed my interactions and relationships as a result. I am becoming a strong leader and grateful for the opportunity I was afforded.

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